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Children's Parties ... Planning Entertainment?

Enjoy the Ultimate Convenience of Having a
Professional Party Magician Run Your Whole Party!

For That Once In A Lifetime Magical Event

Your Children Will Talk About For Months!

Dear Party Organiser,

I'm Quentin the Magician. My job is to make your life easy. In fact it goes a lot further than that. My job is to transform you party into an event so memorable, that your young guests will excitedly talk about it for months. In fact I guarantee that you will not find any entertainer in the North West who will provide as much fun, laughter, amazement and magic.

That is a very bold statement and I'll prove it right here on this page.

But first let me ask you...

What Type Of Party Are You Planning?

If you've been to many parties you will probably have come across the two ends of the scale of children's parties. This goes from a party where anything will do once the kids are amused and kept out of everyone's hair to a party where you want an event to be really special and memorable for your son or daughter - the one party of their childhood that will stay in their memory for years to come.

And really there's nothing wrong with either. Compare it to eating out. Sometimes you will want a fastfood meal and sometimes a really special one in the top restaurant in town.

If it is the extra special you have in mind, this is expressly for you.

Here's why...

After a show I've often had granparents tell me not only how much they've enjoyed it, but how many delightful memories - long forgotten ones of their own childhood - it had evoked. Perhaps they recall when a magician came to the school or when they saw a puppet show on the beach. Just think back to some special event from your own childhood and the warm memories it triggers and you'll see what I mean.

You see, back in the time of your grandparents' youth there was a heck of a lot more live entertainment than you see currently. You will often see children today, glued to the TV, on computer games or texting on mobile phones. They hardly ever get to experience live entertainment. Never mind totally interactive entertainment where some of them get to be part of the show!

And here is your opportunity to give your child - and his or her guests - the luxury of a real live magician at their party, who will make them the star of the show and generate so much laughter, fun and amazement that they are fit to burst.

Remember earlier I told you I would prove my point?

Please Judge For Yourself...

I could simply give you a long list of comments from delighted parents. I've often seen glowing testimonials about products and services and I'm sure you have too. They have certainly helped me make up my mind before I went ahead. But, you know, there's always some concern in the back of your mind if you've made the right decision. That's why I'd rather show you - right now - the kind of entertainment you can expect for your party.

Here are some videos taken from my shows. They are not short snippets of the best bits but the full performance piece that you would see if you were sitting right there in the audience. Over twenty years of performing regularly for the same children and families I developed a large repertoire of many different shows. These are just a small sample.

Here's the one trick that I include in practically all my shows.
It's the one that both adults and children always ask to see again.

 The Bewitched Handkerchief
Running Time is 6.31 minutes



Here's one for the younger children - the delightful story of Dinky The Dwarf.
As the nasty giant discovers, it's not a good idea to mess with the good guy,
especially when the children are helping him. Enjoy!

The Giant and The Dwarf 
Running Time: 4:50 


Let's see if Quentin can catch you out with the Amazing Jumping Fish.
The children think they know how it's done, but do they really?

The Amazing Jumping Fish
Running Time: 2:09



 Magic Wands are not supposed to have a mind of their own!

Mischievous Magic Wand
unning Time: 3:18



 What on earth is Quentin trying to draw?

Mad Magic Drawing
Running Time: 3:15


Does The Thought Of Having
A Gang Of Children Let Loose in Your Home
Scare The Wits Out Of You?

Let's face it ... Kids Parties are stressful ... you want to give them a memory that will last a lifetime but you don't want to have a heart attack in the process!  

There Is No Need To Fear,
Read Through What We Have To Offer,
Watch the Video Clips
and Discover What It Is Like
To Have A Truly Stress-Free and Painless Party

Experience the luxury of relaxing and enjoying the party as much as your children.

Really relax and let me run the party for you. I'll run the games and competitions, provide the prizes, perform the funniest and most amazing magic fun show (your child will be the star) with either Decco the Cheeky Boy puppet or Punch & Judy to finish the party ... and I'll provide one of our exclusive souvenir FUN PACKS free to every child at the party. The FUN PACK includes jokes, puzzles and surprises.

All you have to do is provide the food (and the venue of course). That's all.

Hang On Quentin, that sounds Terrific but
We Don't Need You To Run the Party ...
Can We Just Have the Show?

You may have other events planned for your party, but feel Quentin's Magic Fun Show on its own would fit in perfectly.

No problem! You can a fun filled magic show that can last from twenty to fifty minutes, depending on your requirements. If you're planning a fund-raisng event, or perhaps looking to have an attraction at a shopping centre, the a series of twenty minute shows during the day would be best.

For birthdays, family parties, special events, celebrations etc. then the longer show (45 - 50 minutes) is ideal. And you still get the free FUN PACKS.

Every show is a roller coaster ride of ridiculous comedy, eye popping magic tricks and hilarious ventriloquism (or Punch and Judy)! And as at least half a dozen children are always invited up to help Quentin, your kids party will be the talk of the class! 

And Who Else Has
Quentin Entertained?

Before moving to Manchester, Quentin was a busy professional party magician in Dublin. Quentin entertained in the private homes of Bono, The Edge, Chris deBurgh, Senator Feargal Quinn, The Slazengers, the Smurfits, a host of government ministers, ambassadors, as well as seventeen consecutive years at the Dublin Horse Show and fourteen consecutive years at The Rose Of Tralee Festival.

His theatre show for schools ran for fourteen consecutive seasons at St Anthony's Theatre, Dublin, with discriminating teachers bring their classes back year after year, knowing what a fun and enjoyable experience it would be.

But don't take our word for it. Over the past twenty years Quentin has developed a large repertoire and the video clips above are just a fraction of the performance pieces in his shows.

These videos will give you an idea of just how much fun, laughter and magic you can expect in one of Quentin's Magic Fun Shows. Quentin will always craft his show to suit the age and size of his audience.

Sometimes there will be a mixed age range, like at Christenings, Communion parties, Bar Mitzvah's, weddings and other family or corporate celebrations. Sometimes there are lots of adults watching as well. In which case Quentin will present a more family-oriented show.

More Fun, More Laughter and More Amazement than any Comparable Show in the North West! Guaranteed! 

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